What type of photographer are you?

I am what’s called a documentary photographer. Other labels might include storytelling photographerfamily photojournalistfamily documentarian and visual storyteller. All in all, I make photos of families, couples and newborns doing what they do best: simply living and being.

There’s a time for dressing up and going to the park and there are photographers who are true masters at that type of photography. I am the photographer you bring along when you want to document your life as it is. Your authentic moments just the way they happen. no pretenses, no poses, just life. The joy and the pain, the sticky and the sweet. All of it is awesome, and I want to show it all to you in a wonderful artistic way.

Sessions generally take place at your home or we can venture out to a few of your favorite places. If it’s meaningful to you and your family, it’s fair game.

Will we get any photos of the whole family together?

If it’s important to you – yes.

I follow a documentary approach for my sessions, photographing your family interactions without scripting or prompting, but there will be time to ensure we get some shots of the family together.

And don’t worry – these will not be family portraits as you know them. I’ll not be lining you all up and telling you to smile. We’ll keep it light and loose and play a game or two to ensure we’re capturing your lovely authentic selves.

What should we do?

Some families want me present to simply photograph their everyday routine. Other families like to plan an activity (or in the case of a longer session, several activities). Activities might include cooking or baking together, sharing a meal, completing a school project, playing a game or a few games… If your family enjoys it, it’s going to make for some great photos.

What if my home is too dark or too plain for in-home sessions?

It’s not, I can assure you! I will work with what you have and my trained eye will make great use of your space and available light there.

What if my children act up?

Children act up; it’s bound to happen. They have strong emotions that they are still learning how to negotiate. It’s all part of family hood. I won’t stop photographing, because teaching children how to adequately navigate difficult moments is part of being a parent. I won’t shy away from it. You shouldn’t, either.

In general, I find children do best during photography sessions if they are free to be themselves and follow their hearts and minds. Some parents find it hard to be passengers instead of drivers, and they find themselves trying to get their children to do something in particular, or — worse still — to look at the camera. My advice? Don’t. Let them be them, and your photos will reflect that.

Do you sell products and digital images?

Yes! I’ll be honest. I really want you to have an album of your beautifully captured moments. Albums are the perfect way to tell the story of your family, and they will serve as a legacy for the people you love most.

Beyond albums, I sell high quality matted prints, wall art and digital images collections, available from a la carte menu. When you’re ready to explore working together, let me know and I’ll send along my informative Client Guide.

What if I have other questions not listed here?

Honestly, ask me anything using the contact form! I’m extremely accessible and I’m more than happy to answer any questions at any stage of the process.

Good luck! I hope to hear from you.