When I started to research for a maternity photo session coming up, I kept finding pregnancy cliches – heart hands over bellies, chiffon over bellies, baby shoes, flower crowns and dresses flowing in the wind – but I rarely found photos that told me something unique about the pregnant mamma and her family being photographed.

So a week before little Calvin was scheduled to arrive, I visited Maggie’s house to document life as it was the last few days before her new baby’s arrival. There was definitely a lot of excitement in the air! The older siblings were making sure to pass down their old toys and test them first (a.k.a. play with them one more time!). Checking the new little outfits, looking at the ultrasound pictures and getting gummy snacks are all part of what we do while awaiting for the new bundle of joy. The family moved through their morning, sometimes coming together in the frame, sometimes doing their own thing.

Traditional maternity sessions are often centered around the belly or around how mom looks. There’s stress about the right timing, in particular being “too big” or showing “too little”. Documentary maternity sessions really capture what life is like at that moment, with a massive change waiting right around the corner.

For this pregnant mamma, I made sure not to just document all of them at the same time, but their space, their routine, the pile of baby toys on the floor. I want them to be able to look through these photos with their children in ten years, when pre-child life seems like distant history, when maybe they’re in a new home or new town, and for all of them to be able to relive a glimpse of this time…

If you’d like me to capture your pregnancy I offer these sessions complementary, with your booked newborn photo session. Looking forward to capturing memories of your pregnancy! Let’s tell your maternity story!