We all remember our first time becoming parents but how many of us have visuals to go with the ever fading memories in our mind?

The time when you were up all night and tired, wishing you could close your eyes for just 5 minutes. The long hours trying to figure out the feeding schedule, the baby crying because the milk wasn’t coming, the bottle wasn’t warm enough, and so back it went in the bottle warmer.

When you ran out of diapers…

When you were in the bathroom and right that moment baby woke up hysterically crying and fussing.


You know, those moments you feel are going by so fast that you wake up one day and ask yourself where it all went and then… nostalgia kicks in. I wish I had more photos with my older children showing us in this stage of our lives and that is always going to be my regret of should’ve, would’ve but didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love images of sleeping babies in baskets, all wrapped in cozy blankets or in a cute aviator or pumpkin outfit, but the real moments are those when we love and nurture and take care of our babies. It’s what will live in our memories and images are the most compelling when we want these moments embedded in our mind forever.



There deserves to be a record of who we are, what we have done and all it has meant – to us, to our families, to our children. 

Do you long for some gorgeous photographs that will tell your family’s story just the way you all are? Your motherhood story? The story of your new baby in their first few days on this earth? I’m here to tell your story! Contact me for more details!