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Family and Event Photography in Naperville - Aurora IL and greater Chicago area

Family, Children, Maternity, Newborn and Event Documentary Photography

You may wonder what exactly documentary family photography is and why it’s needed. I’m here to tell you that, unlike traditional photography, it is about capturing your real life because, in all its ordinary and raw aspects, your life is beautiful and that is what I seek to find through my lens.

How about documenting your special life events, when you decorated the baby nursery for the first time and your hubby helped alongside. Or as you watch your children attack a pinata like a pack of hungry wolves at their birthdays. All of these moments are what you’ll want to remember, when the first hand memory has faded.

Every family has a story, and every story is beautiful. I mean, who doesn’t want that perfect photo for the annual family cards? The one where everyone’s wearing matching clothes, are well-behaved, with hair perfectly done and all smiling and looking at the camera. But what I want to show you is the beauty in everyday. How colorful and authentic the house becomes when everyone chooses their own clothing, their own activity, their own snack. Where you can see the well-loved toys and books on the floor, exhausted from heavy use. That’s how I tell your story. The one you’ll want to remember and that’ll bring on laughter and make your heart swell. The one you want to share and experience again and again.

I tell the story of your life, of your family, as it is, honestly, authentically, beautifully.

"What is captured in a photograph will live forever!"

—Dori M Photography