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Documentary Photography

Family photography done with a documentary approach? You may wonder what exactly documentary family photography is and why it’s needed. I’m here to tell you that, unlike lifestyle photography, it is about capturing your real life because, in all its ordinary and raw aspects, your life is beautiful and that is what I seek to find through my lens.

It’s the essence of wonder, playfulness and the true joy in your children, while you love on them, in that tirelessly devoted and delicate way that you do. Perhaps you’ll want to remember how you read your daughter her favorite book, as you both snuggled in a comfy chair, and how your son asked you for the millionth time to rub his back for comfort as he fell asleep.

How about documenting your special life events, when you decorated the baby nursery for the first time and your hubby helped alongside. Or as you watch your children attack a pinata like a pack of hungry wolves at their birthdays. All of these moments are what you’ll want to remember, when the first hand memory has faded.

I can help you turn your seemingly everyday moments into a great family portrait that you’ll want to hang on your wall and hold in your heart.

Let me highlight the simple beauty in your everyday. Allow me to show you how unique and awesome your family story is. And together let’s redefine the family photography because real is pretty darn amazing. Because real is the new perfect!

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