Hi, I'm Dori

I am the photographer at DoriM Photography and I take my camera EVERYWHERE, because I don’t want to miss a thing… because my obsession is to document life, in its raw aspects, immortalizing the most mundane moments, and preserving a record of now for the days and generations of my tomorrow. Because I want to tell my family’s stories through photographs.

When I’m not out there photographing the world, I like to decorate and make my own home décor with a vintage flair. On summer days, you’ll find me at a flea market around the area or at an antique store looking for treasures of yesteryears. I enjoy finding things that tell a story. Just like photographs do!

I’m a mother to three children. Two teenagers, who go through ups and downs, and a little boy, who right now lets me take a photo even in his sleep.

So, I’ve seen it all. I get it. I celebrate your joys and I feel your pains. I understand that you love your kids so deeply that it actually hurts sometimes, and I understand the frustration you feel when they push Every. Last. Button.

I get it.

You don’t need to worry about impressing me, you don’t have to tidy up for me, and you certainly shouldn’t worry about what I’m going to think. Because I’ve seen it all, and I get it.

So what are you waiting for? What story do you want to tell?

My Skills
Authentic Moments

Why Choose Me?

light composure

To document your life I mostly use available light. For outdoor locations the most flattering light is early in the morning and late afternoon. For indoor sessions, dappled light in the bedroom or sunshine pouring in through the windows are all going to set the background for beautiful imagery.

Professional skills

As a member of the Professional Photographers of America, I stay current with the newest trends in photography and print products. I spend hours on end on courses and expos to always perfect myself and deliver quality photography.

Perfect Equipment

They say it does not matter the camera but the person taking the pictures that does. While this is true, I think there is a balance between a knowledgeable photographer and a high-performance camera. I usually stay light with a Nikon and a few lenses. Nothing too overpowering that takes the focus away from the actual photo session.

Beautiful Images

I only provide you with the best images that meet my high quality photographic standards. I remove the funny faces, eye blinks and then I edit, crop and retouch as needed to reveal only the perfect images according to my artistic vision.

Print Products

We live in a digital world, but I think sometimes it is a totally different experience to pull out an album than it is to boot up your computer. To look at ink instead of pixels and to hold your memories in your hands without any need for an outlet.

Unique Vision

I follow a documentary approach for all my sessions, photographing your family connections without staging or prompting. My style has rich and vibrant colors and film like black and white nuances.

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